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Fish out of Water “ Sea bass cooked in garlic Butter served on a Bed of wilted Spinach with a muscle and clam garnish with white wine sauce

Picklespubs can now do Paella for your functions or gatherings. As from 17th May, groups of 30 are allowed. With hopefully fully unrestricted from 21st June.

Book your paella event now. Bookings need to be for a minimum of 20 people.

Best wishes to all our fellow publicans. May the weather be kind and the restrictions relax as scheduled 🍺

Morning all.  To ensure everyone feels safe at Pickles Pubs, we will be adhering to the Covid rules on providing outside cover.

All our tents will have 50% or more of the sides open at all times, and the open sides will not be against a wall, fence or hedge.

We have lighting in our... tents for when it gets dark and have a limited amount of heat to take the chill off when it gets cold.

We will try our best to make your visit as comfortable as possible, but the covered areas are limited and adhering to the rules means they are still exposed to our beautiful April climate, so please come prepared.

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